Buy vouchers for the Quansic API for ISNI.


Quansic uses vouchers to allocate and deliver Identifiers. In this section you can buy vouchers and use them to get your ISRCs, BOWIs or ISNIs.

How does it work ?

Vouchers purchased here are credited to your Quansic API account. Each time you use the API in "Production" mode, a voucher will debited from your account. When your API account is empty you can refill it here.

You can also reach out to arrange a locally managed setup of your vouchers.

What does it cost ?

One voucher will allow you to get an ISNI, an ISRC or a BOWI.

  • 1 voucher => 5 CHF/USD
  • 10 vouchers => 48 CHF/USD
  • 25 vouchers => 115 CHF/USD
  • 50 vouchers => 225 CHF/USD
  • 100 vouchers => 400 CHF/USD
  • 250 vouchers => 875 CHF/USD
  • 500 vouchers => 1500 CHF/USD

How to get vouchers

1. Provide your API client key and see how many many vouchers you have left.

2. Proceed to the paiement and fill your API account.

3. Your vouchers are credited immediately. Your API is ready to run again.